Monday, March 14, 2011

AD analysis - Mannapuram Gold Loan.

For the benefit of people with slow internet connection/ no access to tv .. I am breaking down this ad into couple of scenes. All the other can catch the ad on tv .. they air every 5 mins on every other channel. You can even catch the ad here

Scene 1: Akshay (or akki or pakki or monkey or whatever) has no money and he keeps looking here n there (as if he is that rich and money would be lying around his house). His wife comes to him, opens a book to show that there are only a couple of hundred bucks left in the house. She also breaks a piggy bank to reveal that all she has is only chillar(or chillre).
Scene 2: akshay’s daddy (v can refer to him using the same nicknames as above) is looking at all this from the picture and suddenly jumps out. And starts singing,’’ when u have gold in the house’u, then y r u uttufying so much rouse’u”

Scene 3: they take the gold from the house, go to mannapuram, get the money and the whole family starts dancing.

(I couldnt find the dancing screenshot .. but i am sure you can imagine a couple of monkey's dancing)

Ok .. I find a lot of things offensive about this ad. Lets analyse this ad point by point.

1. Akki lives in such a huge house, so he must have been rich at some point in time. You could saying that It could be ancestral property, but then, look closely, it is furnished with latest furniture and it also appears to have been painted with expensive paint(of course, it could be painted with nerolacs paint that gives the rich look at less price). Even then, It would take a lot of money to paint that house. So v can safely assume that akki was rich in the near future.

The question to be asked here is: What the hell did he do with all the money? Did he spend the whole damn thing on painting and furnishing the house? Even then, doesn’t he have a job? Wouldn’t he get salary at the end of the month(or at the beginning of it)? Then “Why so serious” ???

2. For all we know, the dad akshay could have been killed by the daughter-in-law aka son akshay’s wife. So may be he wants to take revenge on her. That’s y even when the son is in financial trouble, he is laughing in the painting. And when the son talks to him, he brainwashes him to pawn his wife jewelry, u know instead of advising him to get a job or to get a life or at least to stop crying like a sissy.

3. This is the most messed up part of the ad which is think is totally offensive to women (I am making up for my previous post here). First of all there is so much jewelry in the house; How did it get there? It should have been dowry. (cuz I don’t see how can a crybaby like akki can spend so much for her wife). Secondly, these jewelry is supposed to the wife’s most prized possession (cuz u no brought from her own house n all, full of family sentiment). And she just gives all this when the husband asks for it (where are all the feminist groups ?? some one plz go n rescue this woman). I think that she should given akki a tight slap for being a useless husband and for pawning her gold to feed the family.

4. Seriously ?? does one require all this dancing at the end of the ad. Just as Microsoft windows tells us from time to time “your system has recovered from a serious error” .. this family has recovered from a financial crisis and all they can think of doing is dancing for a happy tune ?? haven’t the makers of the ad watched any Indian films ?? don’t they know that in these scene there should be a sentiment song playing and the father should be crying (yeah, crying in this scene is fine) and hugging family n stuff. But, hold on, they aren’t doing any of that stuff which leaves me to one conclusion: Akki and his wife are dumbest, the most brainless,idiotic mentally deficient, imbeciles in the world.

5. Ok. They have got the money. Now what ?? What is the guarantee that they wont spend that money again (they have already proved that they don’t have any brains). They don’t have any more gold that they can pawn. Will they come to nadu-road(in the streets) ?? but then who cares about all this .. (except me of course) ??

P.S: The ad is not even a whole minute and I spent over three hours writing this piece. I guess there are other losers in this world too.

This ad was apparently filmed by priyadarshan (wtf !!)

Also this ad is available in many languages, sorry, I have only seen the hindi version of it and I am not commenting on the other versions.


  1. check out the tamil version. Vikram's in it !!

    Hahaha.. 3 hours?? dude, seriously?

  2. actually it was more .. but i rounded it off to 3hrs .. ;) ..

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  4. Chef you took 3 hours for this shit.? seriously you are a useless chef bro :D keep it up. (now dont put mokkai for this too. ;) )