Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cant think of a title

So this is the season of protesting against the movies isn’t it?? Let us take a look at the protests that might have been missed out or yet to happen.  Please note I am not responsible for any violence that may result as a reading of reading this. 

Protested By:  creatures living in the sea
Reason:  kadal la verum meen thaan irukkanum and intha padathula, humans la irrukanga.

Protested by: Elephant community
Reason: they are very intelligent creatures and that they have portrayed in a very bad light in this movie.  They also feel that they are not slaves to humans and that they only do stuff for humans cuz they are bored. 

Kanna laddu thinna aasaya
Protested By:  Diabetic patients
Reason: everytime they see the poster or the trailer of the movie, it is mocking them and it is almost like telling them that people who can eat laddus are better than them.

Poda podi:
Protested by:  catering fellows.
Reason:  Apparently there are already lot of podis in the market now like idli podi, paruppu podi, poondu podi etc. so in case of any functions ppl are asking for poda podi which they cant make.

Murattu kaalai:
Protested by: all India bulls association
Reason: they claim that bulls are very peaceful creatures and not “murattu” as suggested in the title of the movie.

Also, these protesters claim that they felt that movie was offending by watching the trailer.  In that case shouldn’t they ban movies like alex pandian, sura etc cuz u those movies is going to give mass headaches to everyone.  For all we know, companies like amurthanjan and vicks could be secretly funding their movies to improve their sales.  And we lose at least 200-300 bucks of our hard earned money in watching these dumb movies. Ithu ellam you wont ask ah?  Next thing we know, these guys will be asking the government to ban rayban glasses cuz their name itself has got one “ban”.   Someone please get rid of them all.