Wednesday, November 16, 2011

After all, Its a Dogs world !!!

So .. these days everyone is talking abt animal cruelty n all .. so it makes sense (or nonsense) that I talk abt it too .. the animal that we see most frequently is the dog (no .. I am not referring to ur friends whom u call “naaye”) ..  so lets talk abt dog cruelty for a while.

First .. ppl always konjify whenever there are puppies on the street .. when they grow up ..  ppl will throw stones and say stuff like “intha naayinga tholla thaanga mudilyale”  (these dogs torture is not bearable) .. paavam those dogs are .. you give impression that you like it .. then u throw stones at it .. when it is puppy .. u give biscuits and all .. but after it grows .. u will ignore it ah ?

Also, when v r angry at someone .. v shout naaye and all .. bloody what did that dog do to u ? why are u unnecessarily insulting the dog by calling someone names? If the dog comes to know that u r using its name to call stupid ppl na it will go and commit suicide ..

when u r standing in tea shop drinking tea.. one dog will come and look at you hopefully .. and u will say shoo-shoo go away .. it is looking at you .. thinking that u will buy something and give .. u alone will eat lots of bajji n all .. but u wont give the dog anything ah? it is exactly for situations like this u have tiger biscuits (the only human being whom i have seen eating the biscuit is the kid on that ad) .. it is only 4 rupees and it is available in almost all the tea kadais .. buy one packet and give it to the dog .. paavam .. let it eat that .. 

When the dog is going for bathroom, ppl will always honk from behind and scare the dog .. tell me ppl .. would you like it if someone honks from behind when u r going for bathroom?? Paavam that dog .. it does so much analysis and chooses its spot .. and u do a “beep beep” and nullify the entire analysis ..

Worst of all is when the dog is doing the matter .. all the ppl will throw stones as tho the dog is committing one big sin .. please understand .. dog doesn’t have a bedroom where it can do all these stuff freely .. u don’t have to keep paal and palam (milk and fruits) for the dog .. but at least leave it alone I say .. I think that the main ppl who throw the stones are the people who are jealous of the dog .. cuz the dog is getting it a lot .. that those pathetic losers aren’t getting any .. bloody .. I wish that when these guys are doing the matter .. some dog should come up from behind them and bark .. lets see then .. how these guys feel’nu .. 

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