Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marana MOKKAI !!!

IPL got over a month back. Its only fair that i write somethign abt it. So .. here are some marna mokkais for you. Some are quite obvious, some not so. But then
there is high probability that you dont understand most of it. So dont hesitate to ask me. But then .. that would mean that u got the mokkai .. ha ha !! ..

Q: Which cricketer would be house fly’s god?
A: E. Murugan

Q: When a group of cricketers are having drinks, who will pour the drinks?
A: R(ound) oothappa

Q: who will bring the side dish?
A: Albie Murukkal

Q: If side dish gets over, who will do the refill?
A: Morenee Murukkal

Q: Who is the most miserly cricketer?
A: B Cheaply

Q: Who will arrange music parties when someone dies?
A: K Sangukkaran

Q: Who is the most religious cricketer?
A: D Christian (If you thought A Gilchrist, C Pujari that’s also fine)

Q: Which cricketer would make the best varatti thataravan?
A: P Wallthaty

Q: Which cricketer brings happiness to the animal kingdom?
A: V She-wag

Q: Who would stitch clothes for micro-organisms?
A: Germ Tailor

Q: Who will arrange music party for marriages?
A: PP Ojha

Q: Which cricketer would make the best villain?
A: KD Karthik

Q: Which cricketer would make the best hang out spot?
A: L Mallinga

Q: Which cricketer hands out degrees?
A: MS Dhonee

Q: Which Cricketer is always sick?
A: S Sty-ris

Q: Which cricketer gave his spot so others could play?
A: S Tyagi

Q: Who will always be fighting with his team mates?
A: JP Doo-many

Q: Who can play mens and womens cricket?
A: Mahila Jayawardene
(OK .. I got this from virgin mobile ads.. but what the hell no?)

Q: Who is the only guy to use a womans soap?
A: VVS Lux-man

Q: Who was an inn keeper before playing cricket?
A: B Had-inn

Q: Who are the birds of the cricketing fraternity?
A: V Kohli and J van der Vaath

i could actually think of countless more. i thought enough blood from your eyes for now. if u think others should also feel the way u do .. dont hesistate to pass the word around.