Tuesday, July 31, 2012

About Her ...

yes, so i am back after a long (very very long) time, i thought i will write a poem. there is no spl style followed in this poem. criticisms are always welcome, appreciations are even more welcome.. ;-) .. Read on !! ..

About her ..... 

On my way home,
It began to rain,
Deep down inside,
All I could feel was pain.

At that moment,
I thought of you.
And I was feeling
Fresh as the morning dew.

The mighty sun
With its powerful rays,
Will bow down
To your lovely gaze.

When I look at you
Even in daylight,
I see the stars and the moon
On your beautiful face.

Your forehead is the sky,
Your eyebrows are constellations,
Oh my darling,
You are my universe.

When you look at me
It makes my day,
When you talk to me,
Oh, how do I explain?

Every night I ponder
The memories bittersweet
If you will ever come back
And make my heart fonder?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heart Break

I just wish I could lie down and sleep,
But all I do is think about you and weep.

I admit that hurting u was a mistake,
Our love, for granted I do not take.

I wish you would give me one more chance,
So I could take you on a trip to France.

I think about how much you have done,
Our love story, I want to tell it to our son.

What I had done, I want to amend,
Our relationship, I never want it to end.

I am sorry if I ever broke your heart,
I want to be with you, till death does us apart.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The day I fell in love

Given  the  very good response for my previous poem, i decided to write another one.  THanks for your responses, i was able to realise the inner poet in me .. :P .. here's my next one .. enjoy .. :) .. 

The day I fell in love.

I drove one morning on a sunny day,
Wondering how much this new company would pay.

I wanted to look tip-top,
I decided not to wear any flip-flop.

My office was in third floor,
Going till there was just a bore.

In the room, everyone was chilling,
The lunch that I had, was not quite filling.

The room door was a bit ajar,
I wish I had gone to a bar.

Through the open door she came,
She was the one I wanted to claim.

My day was just getting better,
All I wanted to do was write her a love letter.

Early morning sun rays,
Are nothing when compared to lovely gaze.

At the end of day I was thrilled,
Thank God, my wish was fulfilled.