Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whats your name?

Everytime I hear abt a knock-knock joke or a sardar joke, it pains me. You know y? its cuz our tamil nadu which created the mighty “mokkai” doesn’t have a joke series of its own. so presenting to you for the first time an emulsifications of the USPs of knock-knock jokes and our own home grown mokkais – Whats your name jokes. I use the work emulsification for the fact that these jokes were as difficult to make as home made mayonnaise with olive oil and egg yolk (I call myself useless chef .. I need to talk about food once in a while.. isn’t it?)

So here goes.
A: whats your name?
B: Ganesh
A: Ganesh na?
B: summa “Gun” maadri answer pannuven
A: appo na tel me the wave equation for De Brogle waves use it along with Hamilton Jocobi equation of mechanics ..
B: Dishkyaaooooon !!

A:What is your name?
B: naalu kku apram varumae athu than 5

A:Whats your name?
B: Santhoshi
A: Sun thochi kaaya podanuma?

A: Whats your name?
B: Harinee
A: Ennaku arikkala .. unnaku arichidhu na .. nee yay sorinjiko

A: Whats your name?
B: Priya
A: *in vadivelu voice* naa ippo preeeya elle .. venum na naalikku cinema povoma ?

A: whats your name?
B: Joshna
A: Joshna?
B: Shahrukh khan nadicha padam. see link here 

A: Whats your name?
B: Anitha
A: honey lam en kitta elle, kada open pannapram poi vaangitu varen

A: Whats your name?
B: Aishwariya?
A: Aishwariya?
B: yaara paathu variya nu kekuray .. na oru kudumba ponnu.

A: whats your name?
B: Indira
A: hey hindi, go .. go .. akka is calling you .. see .. hey hinda ra lethu andi ?
(just incorporating a bit of telugu too .. I guess it didn’t work out anyways)

i guess i ll stop with these ones for now. after all the idea is to let ppl put mokkai with other .. happy mokkai putting !!

P.S .. a lot of names i used here are my friends .. so .. please .. enna unga veetu pillaiya (not pillaiyar) nanaichi manithu vidungal ...


  1. Nice one, but after a long gap! Lookin forward to more frequent posts!

  2. Really good one.. although i did not like my name being spoilt so much! :(

  3. Marana mokka da ! Seri paravala, i'll adjust :P