Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Girl .. :) ..

First of all .. i am really dense abt poetry .. i have no idea how it is supposed to be written .. this is my first attempt at writing a poem and yeah .. dont judge my english grammer based on this, itss actually worse than this .. ;) ..

Deep sea, warm sunshine and the beautiful dove,
This is a song about the girl I love.

I always forget my sense of duty,
for I am mesmerized by her beauty.

Gone is the wish for the king’s crown,
When I look into her eyes so brown.

Meadows and pastures don’t seem so nice,
Whenever, wherever I get lost in her eyes.

I would scale any mountain’s peak,
Just to get a glimpse of her rosy cheek.

I see the moon, it has lost its flair,
My girl’s skin, Oh! Its so fair.

Round the world, I would make trips,
Just to kiss her lovely lips.

I keep staring at empty space,
But all I see is her beautiful face.

When she is with me, I lose track of time,
The world around me, its just a mime.

Roses, diamonds, gold and fur,
What would I not give to spend time with her.

I feel as if I am walking on tar,
Oh my girl ! she is so far.

I know that we have been far apart,
One day my dear, I shall win your heart.


  1. Oho!! Poetry and all Gga? You must really be in louwe!! Nice :)

  2. Real sweet one.. Lucky girl ;)

  3. Really nice GGaa..... Who is the girl by the way..??


  4. You turn poet?! Who be the girl ? :P