Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The day I fell in love

Given  the  very good response for my previous poem, i decided to write another one.  THanks for your responses, i was able to realise the inner poet in me .. :P .. here's my next one .. enjoy .. :) .. 

The day I fell in love.

I drove one morning on a sunny day,
Wondering how much this new company would pay.

I wanted to look tip-top,
I decided not to wear any flip-flop.

My office was in third floor,
Going till there was just a bore.

In the room, everyone was chilling,
The lunch that I had, was not quite filling.

The room door was a bit ajar,
I wish I had gone to a bar.

Through the open door she came,
She was the one I wanted to claim.

My day was just getting better,
All I wanted to do was write her a love letter.

Early morning sun rays,
Are nothing when compared to lovely gaze.

At the end of day I was thrilled,
Thank God, my wish was fulfilled.

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