Thursday, August 18, 2011

Show offs

So .. there are a certain group of people who are born just to show off and I have tried to classify them based on my knowledge and experience.

“Cool” bikers
There are a certain group of people that like to call themselves “bikers” and yet .. they have only scooters. Now .. I got a doubt here .. if u ride a bike means u r biker .. but if u ride scooter means u r scooterer ah ?? .. Anyway .. moving on .. yeah .. these people have scooter usually like sunny, scooty, scooty pep, deo, active etc .. these guys sit right behind on the scooter where the pillion rider is supposed to sit. Why exactly do they do it? DO they actually think that we’ll go, “paavam, he must have been racing in motogp before, pity he has to ride a scooty now” ? and for these people, straight roads and lanes doesn’t exist. Its almost like they cant think straight (may be they are gay?).. Morons ..

“Cool” dudes
These are plenty and most common. These are also the easiest to imitate. U know thse ppl when u look at them. They have this weird hair-do and usually a goatee. they always start their conversation with “wassup” and there are lots of “dudes” , “bros” when they talk. Mind you, this culture was actually started by anglo ppl who live in Chennai but the rest are just wannabes. But I am not able to conclude what kinda of wanna be, is it wannabe white, or wanna be rock star .. no one will know.

“Cool” galz
They can also be called as “wannabe dilse manisha koiralas”. Actually most of the girls fall into this. They are the people who always wear a cloth around their head during the day time and wander around (cuz obviously if u see their faces during day time u ll faint due to fear). If u do ask them, they ll say, “en complexion kettu poidum da (hey! My complexion will be spoiled ya)”. Ok this is probably the gayest thing that I have ever said in my life but still I ll go ahead with it. My complexion is better than most people and I don’t find the need to wear an al-qaeda turban around my face. (I am ashamed for having said that..)
Also, the girls these days are maintaining multiple accounts (one boy for mobile recharging, one for movies, one as driver etc.), this also acts as a precaution so that they are not recognized in public.

“Noisy” bikers
Well .. this is a corollary to the “Cool bikers” above. V come across these jerks everywhere .. these are the people who are always blowing (no double meaning intended here) their horn. Its almost like their eyesight is restricted to 5 meteres and they cant see beyond that. You will be standing in a full traffic and this jerk will be constantly honking behind you. What ? does he expect you to fly over all the vehicles standing in front of you. Agreed, I am south indian and I grew up watching Rajni and vijay kanth’s movies (Not to mention T.R too) but obviously he cant expect us to every thing that they did .. no ?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Girl .. :) ..

First of all .. i am really dense abt poetry .. i have no idea how it is supposed to be written .. this is my first attempt at writing a poem and yeah .. dont judge my english grammer based on this, itss actually worse than this .. ;) ..

Deep sea, warm sunshine and the beautiful dove,
This is a song about the girl I love.

I always forget my sense of duty,
for I am mesmerized by her beauty.

Gone is the wish for the king’s crown,
When I look into her eyes so brown.

Meadows and pastures don’t seem so nice,
Whenever, wherever I get lost in her eyes.

I would scale any mountain’s peak,
Just to get a glimpse of her rosy cheek.

I see the moon, it has lost its flair,
My girl’s skin, Oh! Its so fair.

Round the world, I would make trips,
Just to kiss her lovely lips.

I keep staring at empty space,
But all I see is her beautiful face.

When she is with me, I lose track of time,
The world around me, its just a mime.

Roses, diamonds, gold and fur,
What would I not give to spend time with her.

I feel as if I am walking on tar,
Oh my girl ! she is so far.

I know that we have been far apart,
One day my dear, I shall win your heart.